Sunday, January 27, 2013

Eating out tonight? Here are some tips on how to stay dairy free while eating out.

1. Try to get something that probably doesn't have dairy in it. (grilled chicken with rice and vegetables for example) 
2. If your not sure, ask them what's in the food you are ordering. That way, you're sure you know you can eat it with out consequences. 
3. Ask if the server can take out or substitute an ingredient in your meal. For example, order your pasta with a tomato sauce instead of a cream sauce. 
4. If ordering salad or soups, try to choose the lighter version. (Caesar dressing instead of ranch, chilli instead of tomato soup) 
5. Skip the cheese. If you get a dish without dairy, and they ask if you want cheese on that, say no. It's better not to ruin a good thing. 
6. Choose a restaurant with dairy free options. Choose a place that caters to allergies, vegan, and vegetarians. If you can't find a place like that, see if they can allow you to bring your own food in. 
If you want some more dairy free tips when eating out, visit this site ( 

Restaurants That Have Dairy Free Options

1. Good Eats (This place has dairy free cheese, as well as other dairy free options) 
2. Cold Stone Creamery (They have dairy-free sorbets and smoothies) 
3. Bonefish Grill (diary-free bread, sauces that don't have dairy in them and are willing to make your meal dairy free if necessary) 
4. Chipotle (just don't get cheese or sour cream on your tacos or taco bowl and your good to go) 
5. TGI Fridays (they have an allergies menu and most dishes can have the dairy taken off (ok, no cheese or cream) 
For more options, visit this site: It lets you find restaurants based on where you live. 

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