Friday, February 8, 2013

Dairy and Your Health

How can going dairy free help my body? There are many reasons why not eating dairy is so good for you. First of all, it can help with your allergies. Dairy products can form mucus in your system, which can lead to allergy and asthma problems. Dairy is terrible for your bones. These products can weaken your bones by making the calcium neutralize the acid in milk instead of going into your bones. This calcium is not absorbed by your bones, which weakens them.

It (dairy) can also possibly help your face because it can stop your breakouts from happening. There are, however, only theories about this connection so it is possible that dairy can help your acne. One theory says that milk has hormones in it that can increase oil production, which makes you prone to acne. You can also possibly reduce your risk of getting Type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune disorders.

The proteins in milk are absorbed by our bloodstream. Our blood stream then carries them to our immune system, where confusion can occur. Our immune system attacks the protein and attacks it as if it was a foreign invader. The protein is then "remembered" by our immune system and then attacked the next time it comes in contact with it. However, after our body has attacked these proteins multiple times, it starts to attack it's own proteins and cells. This is how we can develop autoimmune disorders.

Even though dairy can cause autoimmune disorders, it can also prevent the symptoms of these disorders.

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