Sunday, February 3, 2013

Milk Alternatives

In the lactose-free world, there are many types of milk. Lactose-free milk (Lactaid), Soymilk, Almond Milk, Rice Milk, and even Potato milk. Doesn't sound very appealing but who knows it could be good. But how are these made? Let's explore. (
Soy milk is made from removing the liquid from soybeans by either cooking them or crushing them. 
Almond Milk is made from blanching (cooking the almond until the skin comes off) almonds and then ground. These almond pieces are combined with water and then drained to create soymilk. 
Coconut milk is created from first squeezing cocconut strips to extract the juice and combining that with water. 

Here are some milk alternatives that are new to me: 
Hemp Milk (no, you can't get stoned from this type of milk) The cannabis seeds are not the same ones used to make marijuana, so you will be fine when you drink this milk. Hemp seeds are combined with water, then strained to remove any pieces. 
Rice Milk. Cooked rice, normally brown, is mixed with water, rice syrup and rice starch.
Goat's Milk. (This milk does have dairy in it but some people who can't drink cow's milk are able to drink this, so be cautious when drinking it)
Raw Milk. This milk does not go through pasteurization, irradiation or homogenization  so it may not be safe to drink, so drink with caution. This milk has more enzymes in it, which helps grow more bacteria. Some people who are not able to drink dairy milk can drink raw milk.

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