Monday, February 11, 2013

No Guilt Sweets (Dairy-Free and Delicious)

Quick, Dairy Free Sweets. If you want to whip up a batch of brownies or munch down on some candy, here are some of my favorite dairy free sweets.

Gummy candy is always a go-to for me when I want something sweet. Sour Patch Kids is one of these candies. Its sour taste will make you pucker after the first chew. The flavors range from orange to strawberry  and are shaped like people. They can be found in any candy aisle or in the candy section at the register. Another type of gummy candy are gummy bears and worms. These animals are chewy and taste like fruit (cherry, lime, orange). I'm not a picky person when it comes to brands of gummy bears, any type tastes good. Any type of gummy worm is great, but my favorite type of gummy worms are double flavored (half cherry, half orange) and sour.

Hard candy is also a great dairy-free candy.  Jolly Ranchers are my favorite. These hard sweet candy will sweeten your taste buds with delicious flavors like watermelon, strawberry and grape. Jolly Ranchers last a long time since you suck on them. A second type of hard candy, which is a close cousin to Jolly Ranchers, are Life Savers. These candies are shaped like a little life preserves; they can be found in fruit flavors such as pineapple, cherry and raspberry as well as mint flavors such as peppermint and spearmint.

Licorice is another great sweet to eat. It's chewy, sweet and comes in a variety of flavors (cherry, strawberry, black, chocolate, orange and lemonade).This type of candy is usually long and twisted; they can also be short, very long and some can be pulled apart. My favorite brand is Twizzlers.

Enough about candy, here are some lactose-free brownie mixes. Most of Ducan Hines's brownie mixes are dairy-free. The ones that do contain dairy are the Caramel Turtle Brownie mix, the Chocolate Marble Swirl mix, the Chocolate Peanut Butter (the ingredients lists non-fat milk in the creamer), the Dark Fudge Chunk mix, the Milk Chocolate mix, the Milk Chocolate Chunk mix

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