Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dairy Free in the Cafe

Remember a few posts ago, I talked about asking what ingredients are in the food you order? Well, here's a perfect example of this. I am a senior in college who does a lot of this in her cafeteria. Since, Albright has a "different way of thinking" (their motto), they don't put an ingredients list on any of their foods, so I sort of have to guess. Usually when I am guessing, I am thinking to myself: "What can I eat?"

Today, for example, I saw that they had chicken curry and rice at one of their stations. I looked at the curry wondering if there was any dairy in it since some curries use milk to make the sauce. I asked the woman serving it if there was any dairy in it. She consulted with another cook and they looked at the list that contained the ingredients. After I waited for a few minutes and got my answer. I could eat the curry. It was really good.

Next was dessert. I have to think of the same question (Can I eat this?) when I go to the dessert case. This part is a little easier. Usually I can pick out what has dairy in it and what doesn't (anything with chocolate, desserts with cream in them). I usually eat the jello, cookies or cake. Those don't usually have any visual traces of dairy such as chocolate icing.

I, however, decided to take a detour from the dessert case and visit a different dessert section. Next to where I got my curry, there's a "Sensitivities" section for people with food allergies. I go to their dessert drawer (plastic, clear drawers) and pick up something that I have had my eye on for a little while. I pick up a brownie and put it on my plate.

The reason I had my eye on it for a while was because I wasn't sure if there was diary in it. I didn't feel like asking. I went over to the fridge that held other food and picked up the gluten free box of brownie mix. I read the ingredients and look at the brownies. I decided that the brownie on my plate was made with the mix. I was right again. I ate the delicious brownie.

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